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Lady Gaga – Brooklyn Nights

I always thought it was you,
You always thought it was me.
We always thought we were it,
Seemed like a real perfect fit,
Those Brooklyn Nights set us free. I always thought even though,
We were so young we could grow.
Up in the…

Lea Michele – What Is Love?

Done chasing, why you chasing?
Something else
I can’t take it anymore
Done lying for the truth to…come out of your mouth
When the answers scream loud
You play the role
I play the lead
We strike a pose
I was too blind to see
This ain’t what…

Ashley Tisdale – You’re Always Here

I looked to the sky last night
And my eyes caught the light of a star
Burning like the memories of brighter days
And I know this life is all mine
Just a moment in time
But everyday’s another beginning’s so Pull yourself together
You know…

Justin Bieber – Heartbreaker

Girl you don’t know how I feel (how I really feel)
Since you’ve been away, oh baby
Any chance that you could take my call (take my call)
If I got you today, oh? Girl you say, that you don’t wanna talk but…

Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life

I was walking dead
Stuck inside my head
I couldn’t get out
Turn the lights down
The voices inside so loud Need a jump-start, catatonia
I couldn’t feel,
I wish that I could disappear
The voices inside so real But you stood by my side
Night after night, night…

Austin Mahone – What About Love

I, I’m feeling your thunder
The storm’s getting closer
This rain is like fire
And my, my world’s going under
And I can’t remember
The reason that you cut off the line
You’re moving on, you say
Here I stay
I’ll take this pain
Yeah, I can…

Frankie J – Beautiful ft. Pitbull

I turn my head to the right and there you are
With the smile upon your face
And all I could say is damn you’re beautiful
I can’t stop thinking about you,
Girl you’re always on my mind
And all I could say is…

Demi Lovato – In Case

Pictures in my pocket
Are faded from the washer
I can barely just make out your face
Food you saved for later
In my refrigerator
It’s been too long since later never came I know
One day eventually
Yeah, I know
One day I’ll have to let it…