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Cody Simpson ft. T-Pain – So Listen

[Cody Simpson:]
I’ve been trying to find the right words
But they always seem to hit the page wro-o-o-wrong
You see I tend to fight words
You breathe ’em into life, and they’re gone
I need some louder speaking actions
They do what letters could never do-o-o-o
You see, you are my addiction
I need more than words to show you

So listen
To-to-to-to me, so listen,
Li-li-li-listen to my heartbeat

I’d like to think you understand me
But I never really like to assume
So you never have to ask me
Imma let my actions tell you the tru-hu-huth

For you-hu-hu-hu
There is nothing I wouldn’t go through-hu-hu-hu
And if you need some proo-oo-oo-oof
You can find it in what I do-oo-oo-oo

Listen to me baby
And I could tell you everyday
Just how much I want you
I-I-I-I I’ve never been good with words
But I went and wrote this song for you

So listen, to-to-to-to me, so listen
Listen to my heartbeat
So listen, (Hey) to-to-to-to me (to me), so listen (Yeah, yeah)
Listen to my heartbeat

Ba-ba-baby I need you to listen, (listen) open up your ears (open up your ears)
Pay attention, (tention) let go of your fears
I’m not trying to be that dude that got these people in your business (business)
I’m just trying to love you, (love you) can I get a witness? oh
Le le le le le let the church say amen! (amen)
Cause I know that you need a man! (a man)
And I’m gon’ do whatever I can
So stop with all the dissin’
Get to the kissin’
Baby you know what you missin’!

So listen to-to-to-to me, (to me oh) so listen
Listen to my heartbeat (le-le-le-listen to my heartbeat)
So listen (listen) to-to-to-to me, (to me) so listen (oh)
Listen to my heartbeat (listen to my heartbeat)
Listen to my heartbeat
Listen to my heartbeat

- Reklam -


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