Tinie Tempah – Children Of The Sun ft. John Martin

[Hook — John Martin:]
Lay down your head
You’re not alone
Anywhere you go, I follow
We are the children of the sun
That’s all you need to know
Lay down your head
You’re not alone
Anywhere you go, I follow
We are the children of the sun
That’s all you need to know

[Verse 1 — Tinie Tempah:]
Bitch I’m a moon walker like Michael, sky walk all over my rivals
Both hands on that Bible, bitch, I’m next in line for that title
A nigga had nothing to do I was idle, but we was in the studio with Taio
Now we climbing high, we ain’t on the Kilimanjaro, and they’re panicking
They don’t really know what’s happening
Never gotten clothes off a mannequin, we don’t want no comparison
I overdose on extravagance, we went for gold and got platinum
I told my bro to get an ambulance ’cause I caught a cold and went spaz on them
How can home be where the heart is when your shadow even fucking leaves you when you are in darkness?
Still get stopped by Sergeant Pepper, looking for that ziggy stardust
After a lifetime of regret, I’m just looking for some answers


[Verse 2 — Tinie Tempah:]
I had opportunity in my window, wise words in my kindle
Disturbing London, we raise the bar, while your team still stuck in limbo
Like Freddie, Bruno and Ringo, I saw the signs and symbols
With that top down on my yellow ride, let bitches hate on my bimbo
I’m yards away from that milestone, international dial tone
Put me through amaro when you Instagram with your iPhone
From yellow bricks to them brown stones, I ring bells, I’m household
Look at all the rappers we outsold so keep your mouth closed
How did I become so jaded, maybe all these insecurities are making me feel naked
Feel like Harry did in Vegas, had my privacy invaded
That’s a liberty a pity, the epitome of what fame is
Priest up in my parish, keep on putting me in their prayers
Swear I’d never sell my soul, my pride and dignity is too major, yeah!
We rarely ever get those second chances, after a lifetime of regret
I’m just looking for some answers, yeah!


[Verse 3 — Tinie Tempah:]
Looking for a light that can outshine the sun
I know one day our time will come
Bought a camera to capture these cinematic nights
Still don’t satisfy my appetite for this lavish life
Tell me, doctor, am I fit for all these flashing lights?
Like Michael said, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white
Look at the colors of the sun to descend above us
All we have is each other in case you happen to wonder
Let’s go



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