ChrisBrown – Time And A Place

[Verse 1]
Girl I wanna be your lover, we can do this all night (right now)
But first let me get a lil drank in me
Snap it with a lil Henney, under the hood got a big Hemmey (vibes loud)
Oh yeah babe, you gon’ feel it when you vibe with me
We all on each other, from the minute you walked in the club
I ain’t gotta lie to you, cause you know it, I think I’m ’bout to fall in love
(Right now) we should ready, cause I’m in the mood
I’m tryna do something to you, but baby hold up

Yeah, champagne on the way, it’s a time and a place
Baby girl I wanna take off everything, but I gotta wait
(You’re gone, wanting your body)
But it’s a time and a place (oh girl), I gotta wait

[Verse 2]
We got all the time in the world tonight (Baby come down)
I see you sipping a little bit once you get me your taste and just dance for me
Cause girl when you get it, gon’ have you running away
But you can’t handle what I got, for ya
(And I won’t stop) Cause you deserve all of me baby
Your booty all on me baby, girl can you get on top? (And ride it)
My back girl, if I’m moving too fast, I think I need to slow up
But ain’t no more liquor in your glass, girl you better pour up


Wait just for a minute, I got her checked out my tat
(Fuck over) You can sit in my lap
When we ride the Lamborghini, just hold on cause I’m running everywhere red light baby
No breaks, all gas, it’s gon’ be a long night baby

[Verse 3]
Time and a place, when I grab you by the waist
And you make that booty shake, gon’ and put it in my face
I’mma eat it like it’s dinner on my plate
You been talking shit all night, you better pull your weight
I’m tossing salad, better bet I’m bringing dressing with it
I break the bed when I’m in it, take the dresser with us
It’s a blessing when you get it
When I’m licking on the pussy, then caressing on the titties
Got your face in the pillow, grabbing on the sheets
Checking out the plumbing, girl I know you gotta leak
I’m tryna make you scream, I don’t wanna speak
I’m tryna have you walking bowlegged by the week


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