Saturday, August 20, 2022

Baby Brown – Oriental Poison

Baby Brown



Hah ha ha ha

Let’s go


We Are Back in this bitch B E rappertoire

Holla Back 2 my click im a rap superstar

Klick klick in ur face, boom everywhere we are

and we know what we do what we do is heavy ma



I Talk about the BE record stars

and my Campaign grows i like u welcome to my yard

Touch down for my b**ches, in pink camouflage


Millitary soldiers in the big HUMMER cars


I´m sitting in the club 2 chill


look arround

I smell bear

Modelchicks in the club we call em bitch with no fear

Big bootys and t*tts sex style underwear


Hot pants g string fuck everyone and everywhere

Thats the way how we party call ur crew we be there

Baby Brown is the name A.K.A bubblebear

Do u know what i mean?


Oriental Poison


O-O-O-O-Oriental Poison

Hey Ma?


(What’s Up?)

I’m a gangstah kid

No gt, money but a platinum hit

I wait for a exclusive major deal


Holla to my dawgs and i got no time to chill



with a kid who be rocking this b*tch

No job no ice and no fancy things

No crib no cars and no diamond bling…

But in my hood errbody call me platinum king

Im a Giant im bigger then the golden range

Call me subwoofer im the reason why your truck get banged


I do my thang on my right way look at the front f**k u J


Money fame b**ches and credit cards

the n*gga dream about the easy life star parts and he told me like a brother baby we get rich

But game be spittin´

Oriental Poison

O-O-O-O-Oriental Poison

Heavy motherf*ckers in the club for ya and all the b**ches in the club at the bacardy bar

Ok im a be record allstar and i dont give a f*ck about ya ya

Triggerfinger 21 gun shoot salut motherf*ckers hate me cause im be too hood

Hypnotised by my rhymes im so hoolywood

B E Record crew we are boyz from the hood


O-O-O-O-Oriental Poison


O-O-O-O-Oriental Poison

Baby Brown

Rasımcan Production

You know what it is

Bangin the boof

Are you ready ladys?





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