Beanie Sigel – Top Shotta ( Prod Jahlil Beats )

(Verse 1 – Beanie Sigel)
$200 Fanta in a styrofoam
30-shot banana in my firearm
Death to any n**a that I slide up on
Supply ya mama with the casket she put flowers on
The Don Dada, the rude boy, the top shotta
Ya ras clot, ya batty boy, go s**k ya fadda
I’m bad boy, I warn boy, like Big Poppa
I squeeze choppa, release copper, ya bleed proper
Yeah, empty out the clip till the Baretta lock
Circle the block, scope, see if he dead or not
7-shot .38, the lead’ll pop
Squat, squeeze with one eye open like Fetty Wap
And I don’t really wanna expose you, I’m tryna be humble
But deers belong in the woods and not in the jungle
And you ain’t never in the hood, scared them ni**a’s will trunk you
Got ni**as in your circle now that’s waiting to slump you

(Verse 2 – Beanie Sigel)
Right back on that ass, I ain’t finish ni**a
I will drag your ass till you surrender ni**a
You sweet ni**a, you fake ni**a, you Splenda ni**a
Pu**y you ain’t tough ni**a, you tender ni**a
I injure ni**as, beginner ni**as, I been the ni**a
Bi**h I kill your vibe, shout out to Kendrick, ni**a
I watched the LOX and I listened ni**a
Could’ve been the fourth member, but I went with Ji**a
Send your ni**as, I’m with whatever, let’s get it ni**a
I slide down your chimney like it’s December ni**a
Pop off on sight, shoot up your Sprinter ni**a
And you ain’t bout that life, so stop pretending ni**a
And I can give two s**ts if I’m offending ni**as
Bitch if that shoe fits, that’s who it’s meant for ni**a
I put the city on the map, facts
Who the f**k wanna claim king now? Bully back


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