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Trey Songz – Foreign Remix ft. Justin Bieber

That foreign
That foreign
That foreign
That foreign Let’s get going all you foreign
No complaining only moaning Dominicans, Puerto Rican, you know they do it for me
See me in a Ferrari where my where my madder thing is from
If it has some wings,…

Michael Jackson – Xscape

Xscape, Xscape, Xscape Everywhere I turn, no matter where I look
The system’s in control, it’s all run by the book
I got to get away so I can free my mind
Xscape, is what I need
Away from the electric eyes No matter where…

G.R.L – Ugly Heart

Maybe I’m just crazy
Maybe I’m a fool
Maybe I don’t know how to love but
Maybe I do
Maybe you know more than me but
This much is true
This little heart and brain of mine say
We’re through with you And I wonder does it…

Banks – Brain

But it’s all the same
I could have foreseen
That you would act like you are
Oh so cool you seem
Blending with that scene
Wearing what you think is hard I can see you struggling
Boy, don’t hurt your brain
Thinking what you’re gonna say
Cause everything’s…

Jennifer Lopez & DJ Mustard – Girls

All the girls all go, getting money on your own
Let me see you get low on the floor I got on my dress
I plan on going in tonight
I’mma give you my best
I was waiting on you
‘Cause when I dro-dro-drop it…

Sam Smith – Make It To Me

My mind runs away to you
With a thought I’d hope you’ll see
Can’t see where it’s wandered to
But I know where it wants to be I’m waiting patiently though time is moving slow
I have one vacancy and I wanted you to…