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Will.i.am – Smile Mona Lisa

Lyrics Let me tell you about my Girlfriend,
My Girlfriend Mona Lisa,
She Let Somebody Take Her Picture,
So She Could Be a Fashionista She says she wanna be a Model
But what she wanna be a Model for,
She told me that she wanna Travel

Skylar Grey – Slowly Freaking Out

Lyrics Every day is one more inch of a slow blade sinking in.
Vision fading, suffocating inside my own skin. And I’m fighting a stranger in my eyes
And I know that only one of us will survive
If I can’t save us I’ve…

Ben Howard – Only Love

Lyrics Darling you’re with me, always around me.
Only love, only love.
Darling I feel you, under my body.
Only love, only love.
Give me shelter, or show me heart
Come on love, come on love.
Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart. And I’ll be…

Justin Bieber – I Would

Lyrics If I could take away the pain
And put a smile on your face,
Baby, I would, baby, I would
If I could make a better way,
So you could see a better day,
Baby, I would, baby, I would. I would build a doorway…

Justin Bieber – Yellow Raincoat

Lyrics ‘Cause I put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat
Baby, it’s keeping me dry
I put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat
You know exactly why When the wind blows, and the sun goes away
And the sinful, stormy day,
That’s what it’s for, yeah,…

Justin Bieber – Nothing Like Us

Lyrics Ohh…Ohhh….uh… Lately I’ve been thinkin’,
Thinkin’ bout what we had,
I know it was hard,
It was all that we knew, yeah Have you been drinkin’
To take all the pain away?
I wish that I could give you what you deserve… ‘Cause nothing can ever,
Ever replace…

Leona Lewis – I miss you missing me

Lyrics Someone told me, that you found somebody new
Found somebody new, I’m happy for you
Maybe that’s why, I don’t hear from you
Like I used to, like a faded photograph
Our moments in the past
But sometimes, sometimes I miss you missing me
Calling me…

Dido – No Freedom

Lyrics Take it by your silence
That I’m free to walk out the door
By the look in your eyes I can tell
You don’t think I’ll be back for more Try to think of the world
Where you could stay and these safe hands…

Fun. – Sight Of The Sun

Lyrics For once there is nothing up my sleeve
Just some scars from a life that used to trouble me
I used to run at first sight of the sun
Now I lay here waiting for you to wake up The city outside still…

Willow Smith – Sugar and Spice

Lyrics I tried to be sugar and spice
But I’m melancholy and can’t do anything right
The monsters under my bed keep making noise at night
I just want silence silence bye kids try this I sat in front of the TV screen
… always…