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Demi Lovato – Never Been Hurt

Lyrics I felt picture perfect
On and off a shelf to a broken frame of mind, a broken frame of mind
It comes back and haunts me
A bullet undercover, it fooled me every time, it fooled me every time But even if I…

Demi Lovato – Fire Starter

Lyrics There’s an “S” under my clothes
On my chest where nobody else can see
I light up when the doors are closed
I am free, yeah
And I wish I could make my move
I can tell that you’re really into me
And I don’t…

David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away

Lyrics When something’s wrong
And too much to handle
Try to find some peace of mind
Let it go.
Wait a minute, you know this road
It’s gonna leave you on overload Yeah… ‘Cause somebody cares, yeah I can see you hurting (turn around)
I will be right there

Kesha – Gold Trans Am

Lyrics This song makes me wanna,
Have sex in my car (ugh). Wham! Bam! Thank you, man!
Get inside my fuckin’,
Gold Trans Am!
Wham! Bam! Thank you, man!
Get inside my fuckin’,
Gold Trans Am! Pull over, sucker!
Now spread ’em,
Let me see what you’re packin’,
Inside that denim. Pedal…

Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

Lyrics You had your dreams
And I had mine
Eyes wide open and we dreamed together
They wanna know how we keep our shit together They’re wondering,
It’s just evolution
We’re just getting better
When the two become one
On a quantum level It’s nuclear
With you here
There’s nowhere left…