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INNA – Devil’s Paradise

No I don’t know
Know where you came
You came from bad
If you like
You can be my inspiration
In the day time, or at night
Cause baby you shine like a platinum ring
And if you born mine
I would show you off
And if you…

Bastille – Bad News

Bad news like a sucker punch, what do you say?
Air knocked out of my lungs, your cue to stay
When you hear something difficult don’t back away
Some people say nothing, good ones engage Don’t turn your back on me
Don’t bury your…

The Script – Superheroes

All her life she has seen
All the meanest side of me
They took away the prophet’s dream for a profit on the street Now she’s stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to grow All his life he’s been told
He’ll be…

Sia – Big Girls Cry

Tough girl
In the fast lane
No time for love
No time for hate
No drama no time
For games
Tough girl
Whose soul aches
I’m at home
On my own
Check my phone
Nothing though
Act busy
Order in
Pay TV
It’s agony
I may cry, ruining my makeup
Wash away all the things you’ve…

Ferras – Legends Never Die ft.Katy Perry

Rev up leave ’em all in the dust
Got a Cadillac six-pack vision of us
Tonight, we ride high into the desert sky
Hands up feel the heat in the air
Legends never die they play truth or dare
Tonight we stop time, let…

Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream

I’ve been spinning now for time
Couple women by my side
I got sinning on my mind
Sipping on red wine
I’ve been sitting here for ages
Ripping out the pages
How’d I get so faded?
How’d I get so faded?
Oh, no, no, don’t leave…

Ed Sheeran – Afire Love

Things were all good yesterday, Dün herşey yolundaydı, And then the devil took your memory. şeytan aklını karıştırana kadar. And if you fell to your death today, Eğer ölümünün bugün olacağını düşünüyorsan, I hope that heaven is your resting place. Umarım cennette huzura kavuşursun. I heard the…

Imagine Dragons – Batlle Cry

Just one more time before I go
I’ll let you know
That all this time I’ve been afraid
Wouldn’t let it show
Nobody can save me now, no
Nobody can save me now Stars are only visible in darkness
Fear is ever-changing and evolving
And I have…

Lily Allen – Sheezus

Been here before, so I’m prepared
Not gonna lie though, I’m kinda scared
Lace up my gloves, I’m going in
Don’t let my kids watch me when I get in the ring I’ll take the hits, roll with the punches
I’ll get back up,…