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Alexandra Stan – Get What You Give

When you ask what’s on my mind
I’m like “Who wants to know it, who wants to know it?”
Gotta give me something true
Kinda used to living my life the way that I want it,…

Alexandra Stan – Boom Pow

Yeah, we got that boom pow
We a little champagne crazy
Pinky up, we run this city
See us in the club, go
That’s how we do, that’s how we do, baby

Alexandra Stan – Coco Banana

Give me something sexy for the girl
Give me something smooth for the girl
, what time is it?
Baby girl, come let it out
Get yourself another round

Alexandra Stan ft.Jahmmi – 9 Lives

Ayo, I used to lay low Never said I was bueno People talking ’bout this, talking ’bout that Mean you get labeled I, I, I ride the cradle Put your cards on…

Alexandra Stan – Step it Up

Runslay’s gonna shake that ass
Brooklyn, where you at?
Money’s in Manhattan
Hey, New York, here I am
No, I got no plan
Hands up in the air, chasing the good vibes
Music on the blocks, fancy boulevards
I’mma take a shot, looking for a good…

Alexandra Stan feat. Havana – Ecoute

I could fly,
If you’d give me the wings to do it
I could fly
Way up high to the clouds
Hit the road that will take me to your heart
Side out
Knock out loud Ecoute, ecoute, ecoute-moi,
et suis la route apres ma voix,
Tu sais…

Alexandra Stan – I Did It, Mama!

Wait Papa
Sorry but I’m a big girl
Wait Papa
He walked and flipped everything in my world
Wait Papa Oh oh
I got to love him got to love him
For the rest of my life
I got to leave in I got to love him

AlexandraStan & Inna – We Wanna feat Daddy Yankee

We wanna dance till we can’t no more
We wanna love with the lights down low,
From Argentina to Morocco
We wanna dance,
It’s about to go!
It’s about to go! Hey!
‘Bout to go! Hey!
It’s about to go! Down in the rough part of town