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Katy Perry – Agree to Disagree

You hate the sand between your toes
I like the beach on a sunny day
I like pink margaritas, it appears you like beer
I like a foreign accent
You just say What? What the hell they say?

Priyanka Chopra ft Will.i.am – In My City

Lyrics I know you got your own town
I know you got your own ways
I know you got your own life
I’m just sayin’ come on down to my place Come on make some new friends
And tell me what you drinkin’
I know there’s…

Cascada – Glorious

Lyrics Do you know it’s time to let yourself go?
Why don’t we just let it show?
Tell me what you’re waiting for ‘Cause I, I wanna live before I die
Crash and burn and lose my mind
We can set the world on fire Tonight…

Rihanna – Put Them Lighters Up

Lyrics Just to sleep, just to sleep
Put them lighters up, up
Put them lighters up, up My body is cold, I need your help
I’m coming down from a perfect spell
Can I take a hint of your love’s device
Inhale the rum, you’re just…

Inna – Boom Boom

Lyrics If you hear my song,
Baby put your hands up
Let me lead you back with the beat of my heart
If you hear my song baby put your hands up
Just put your hands up, put your hands up Can you hear this…

Jason Derulo – Fuck Yo Man

Lyrics Hey sexy lady,you got something I want
Yo man gonna probably hate me
But,girl,it’s all his fault
You know you’ve been frustrated,I see it in your eyes
Your man be acting shady,she keeps on telling lies
So girl when you replace him,heshouldn’t be surprised