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Monica – All Men Lie ft. Timbaland

What’s his name, girl?
Was he good to you?
I need to know, girl
What I didn’t do
I maybe saw you with him in the photo
Poor Shot
Don’t they say every man (every man)
Is a damn good liar (liar)
But it ain’t worth…

Missy Elliott ‘dan "Block Party"Albümü !

İkili geçtiğimiz gün Timbaland ile stüdyoya girdi. En son albümü “The Cookbook” ‘dan sonra uzun süre sessizliğini koruyan  Missy Elliott, ünlü prodüktör Timbaland ile ortak bir çalışmaya imza atıcak…

Timbaland – Hands In The Air

Lyrics Dance all night
I said dance all night Hey baby girl
Lookin’ all done up
I wanna know
Where did you come from?
The heat begins to raise
Hot woman
The club’s about to go into flames and
The speakers thumpin’
Let’s party hard
And just move something
The vibe is…

Timbaland – Break Ya Back (ft. Dev)

Do that, you the big boy prove that, yeah
Or you like the way I do that , yeah
Got the club like cootie, yeah
What I’m trying to do is
Break ya back, Break ya back
I’m tryna break ya back
Break ya back,…