Pazar, Mayıs 29, 2022

Emily West – Fallen

Sometimes he does it
He don’t even know.
That’s when he catches me off guard.
He puts his jacket on, and he says we’ve gotta go,
Fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ heart.

Come to listen birds on his shoulder
I love the way he moves the arm
What it would really be like
When he would be older,
A fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ heart

He brings the violets and the daffodils
He stole ’em from some else’s yard.
He smiles at me, and you know it kinda of kills
He’s always breaking my heart.

How many kitchen lonely cleaned up the place
Is he drinking at bars?
Oh, my friends all asked me how
I got these bruses on my face?
I said it’s from fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ heart
Umm, from fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ heart
Uuu, from fallin’ fallin’ fallin’ heart.


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