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Maroon 5 – My Heart Is Open ft. Gwen Stefani

I know you’re scared, I can feel it
It’s in the air, I know you feel that, too
But take a chance on me, you won’t regret it (no) One more no and I’ll believe you
I’ll walk away and I will leave…

Bastille – Bad News

Bad news like a sucker punch, what do you say?
Air knocked out of my lungs, your cue to stay
When you hear something difficult don’t back away
Some people say nothing, good ones engage Don’t turn your back on me
Don’t bury your…

Ariana Grande – Best Mistake ft. Big Sean

How soon do we forget
How we felt
Dealing with emotions
That never left
Playing with the hand that
We were dealt
In this game Maybe I’m the sinner
And you’re the saint
Gotta stop pretending
What we ain’t
Why we pointing fingers
When we’re the same Break up, make up
Total waste…

Maroon 5 – It Was Always You

Woke up sweating from a dream With a different kind of feeling
All day long my heart was beating
Searching for the meaning Hazel eyes, I was so color blind

OneRepublic – Ordinary Human

Today I took a walk in the clouds
Today I took a walk in the clouds
Used to keep my eyes wide shut
But now I’m staring down Today…

Trey Songz – Foreign Remix ft. Justin Bieber

That foreign
That foreign
That foreign
That foreign Let’s get going all you foreign
No complaining only moaning Dominicans, Puerto Rican, you know they do it for me
See me in a Ferrari where my where my madder thing is from
If it has some wings,…

Sia – Big Girls Cry

Tough girl
In the fast lane
No time for love
No time for hate
No drama no time
For games
Tough girl
Whose soul aches
I’m at home
On my own
Check my phone
Nothing though
Act busy
Order in
Pay TV
It’s agony
I may cry, ruining my makeup
Wash away all the things you’ve…

Ferras – Legends Never Die ft.Katy Perry

Rev up leave ’em all in the dust
Got a Cadillac six-pack vision of us
Tonight, we ride high into the desert sky
Hands up feel the heat in the air
Legends never die they play truth or dare
Tonight we stop time, let…