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Imagine Dragons – Demons

When the days are cold
Günler soğuk olduğunda
And the cards all fold
Ve bütün kartlar büküldüğünde
And the saints we see
Ve gördüğümüz bütün Aziz’ler
Are all made of gold
Hepsi altından yapılmış When your dreams all fail
Bütün hayallerin çuvalladığında
And the ones we hail
Ve selamladığımız o…

Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This Tour

You’ve got me wide open, wide open
Now I’m yours
You found me heartbroken, heartbroken
On the floor

Became my salvation, salvation
Through the mourn, yeah
You got me wide open, wide open
Now I’m sure
In a world like this where some back down
I, I,…

Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing

Lyrics Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs
With the boom box blaring as we’re falling in love
Got a bottle of whatever, but it’s getting us drunk
Singing here’s to never growing up Call up all our friends, go hard this weekend

Natalia Kills – Problem

Dripping down your chest
Thinking ‘bout your tattooed knuckles
On my thigh boy boy boy
Shower… you got no
Power to control
How I make you my toy toy toy
My hips rocking
As we keep lip locking
Got the neighbors screaming
Even louder louder
Lick me down…

Kesha – Gold Trans Am

Lyrics This song makes me wanna,
Have sex in my car (ugh). Wham! Bam! Thank you, man!
Get inside my fuckin’,
Gold Trans Am!
Wham! Bam! Thank you, man!
Get inside my fuckin’,
Gold Trans Am! Pull over, sucker!
Now spread ’em,
Let me see what you’re packin’,
Inside that denim. Pedal…

Katy Perry – Agree to Disagree

You hate the sand between your toes
I like the beach on a sunny day
I like pink margaritas, it appears you like beer
I like a foreign accent
You just say What? What the hell they say?