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Pitbull & Lil Jon – Shake Them Dice And Roll

Lyrics everybody put your drinks up right now
it’s time to have…
sh shake, sh shake, sh shake, sh shake,
sh shake, sh shake, sh shake, sh shake, shake them dice and roll them, shake them dice and roll them
shake them dice and roll…

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne – Roman Reloaded

Bang, my shit bang, it bang bang
B-b-bang, my shit bang it bang bang
I guess I went commercial
Just shot a commercial
When I flew to the set though
I ain’t fly commercial
And the ad is…

Justin Bieber ft Far East Movement – Live My Life

I’m gonna live my life
No matter what, we party tonight
I’m gonna li-li-live my life
I know that we gon’ be alright
Yo, hell yeah, dirty bass
Ghetto girl, you drive me crazy
Hell yeah, dirty bass
Yo, yo This beat…

Kat DeLuna – Paradise

Lyrics baby, if you take my hand,
i promise we can get away
forget about all your plans,
we can live forever in one day, day
i .. this moment forever if it’s with you, you, you chorus:
..in my heart, i’m here…