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Owl City – Verge feat Aloe Blacc

I ain’t too sure what I believe in
But I believe in what I see
and when I close my eyes
I see my whole life ahead of me
These are our hours (These are our hours)
This is our time (This is our…

Owl City – Kiss Me Babe It’s Christmas Time

Well it’s Christmas time
And I’m warm inside
Despite the bitter cold
Cause you’re here with me
And I guarantee
My heart is yours to hold So we smile below
This mistletoe
As if we need a hint
And the falling snow
Well I bet it knows
How love can…

Owl City – Tokyo ft. Sekai No Owari

Feels like I’ve been away for a thousand years
So tired of these airports and souvenirs
I shiver in the night and I think of you I stroll the boulevards
I stare up at the stars
And wish they’d all align (when I’m in…

Owl City – Wolf Bite

It’s another bad dream
Poison in my blood stream
I’m dying but I can’t scream
Will you show me the way? It’s another wolf bite
Howlin’ in the moonlight
I wanna get my life right!
Will you show me the way?
Tonight Will you be there?
Toni-i-ight, toni-i-ight, i-ight