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Sean Paul ft Beenie Man – Greatest Gallis

(Intro – Beenie Man)

Sean Paul everywhere wi go wi get a gyal
Get one yesterday today mi get a better gyal
So mi no know wah some bwoy deh pon a the gyal dem mi recon
Every minute, every hour, every second

(Chorus – Beenie Man)

The mount a gyal mi have in this world it no normal
Right yah now a million glass man a pree
Space inna mi life fi accommodate all gyal
Anywhere mi go a just girls fi me

(Chorus – Sean Paul)

Beenie, well every gyal inna the world a seh dem waan fi be my gyal
The greatest gallis wah ever live that a me
Ugly or pretty send on mi no partial
Mi have gyal nuff like sand deh a sea

(Beenie Man – verse 1)

Hey watch this flick, this gyal a tell mi shi is a dominatrix
Seh shi waan fi bend up like shi inna matrix
Seh shi waan mi lace are like mi pear a K Swiss
Mi tell are don’t worry link mi pon the late shift
Kill are wid style vintage an the latest
When mi done shi haffi tell mi am the greatest
Beat yo like a stretch shi tell mi am a racist
AM ain’t no hatest

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Sean Paul)

Shi check mi fi the ting, shi seh mi a the king
Roller coaster light on caw wi a fling
The something wah a sing, shi getting everything
Shi no gout every round an the head just a spin
Shi done wid the count before the bell ring
Shi ball, an a shout, an a run out a wind
Shi love how mi plat it an a that shi counting
Shi love how mi catch it when mi ride are rhythm

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

- Reklam -


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