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Mura Masa & Charli XCX – 1 Night

You are somethin’ special, oh-woah
Twenty carats, solid gold
What we had was precious, oh-woah
But I had to let you go We had a connection, oh-woah
But I’m not the type of girl who wants
Serious affection, oh-woah
It doesn’t…

Natalie La Rose – Rollercoaster (feat. Flo Rida)

(feat. Flo Rida) Stop what you’re doing, let’s toast
Mista magic mountain, now she wanna overdose
Flo Rida do the most, that’s a statement under oath
This train on fast approach to pick up Natalie La Rose
Let’s go! Bought a ticket…

Ellie Goulding – Heres to Us

You’re falling at your feet (giving everything up…)
There’s something in the way, love is never enough
I see your sorry how I’m burning down the gun
With a war in your mind that never wants to be won
I catch you in…

Akon – Good Girls Lie

Akon – Good Girls Lie Lyrics: Oh yea-yeah! (Oh yea-yeah! x2) x2 Yeah, it’s about.
More path than this big ol’ ass.
Speak and come on it.
The body language, nigga.
It don’t lie.
I just wanna beat it.
She wanna a thug nigga.
Show a good ol’…

Justin Bieber

Not; Şarkı henüz yeni yayınlandığı için en kısa zamanda türkçe çevirisini de bu sayfadan bulabilirsiniz…
First I’ll acknowledge
Our trust has been broken


Ylvis – The Fox – Lyrics
Dog goes “woof”
Köpek “hav” gider
Cat goes “meow”

Maejor Ali

Maejor Ali – Lolly ft. Justin Bieber – Lyrics She say she love my lolly
O benim lollimi sevdiğini söylüyor
She wanna make it pop
O bunu patlatmak istiyor (lollipop)

Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy – La La La – Lyrics
Hush, don’t speak
Sus, konuşma

When you spit your venom, keep it shut I hate it
Zehrini tükürdüğün zaman, ağzını kapalı tut, bundan nefret ediyorum

J Balvin

Tranquila ( İspanyolca )
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah ha ha ha

yeah yeah yeah yeah the business

Taylor Swift

Once upon time
Evvel zaman içinde
A few mistakes ago
Birkaç hata öncesinde